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Is money a sore spot in your marriage?

How do you deal with money in your marriage?

Are you fighting over finances?

Faizan and I come from very different families when it comes to finances. He grew up saving for a rainy day while in my home we celebrated the joys of spending.

This has led to many an argument over the years.

One of the questions we ask our couples to explore at Love Talks (our annual couples group for a relationship tune-up) is “What does a rich life mean to you, as individuals, and as a couple?”
It's a really interesting exercise, because most of the couples attending have never really pondered this question.
Wealth and poverty come with their own scripts and stories and if we are on different chapters with our money-mindset it can really tear a relationship apart.
So what does a rich life mean to you?
Faizan and I, together with our children, have crafted a rich life as one where we have ample stretches of time alone and together. Our home is nestled in nature and life hums around us all year long. We eat nutritious and delicious meals most days, and drink lots and lots of water. We go for walks together and dream about what the future could bring. We don’t have to look at price tags on mayonnaise jars anymore, and each of us always have some cash in our wallets. Our day-to-day life feels like a retreat, a sanctuary, and we welcome some special others to share that with us from time to time.
This is how we have designed our rich life.
I have friends and family who also have a rich life, but theirs looks very, very different than ours.
Each of us has a chance to make our life into a work of art, and as long as you think it’s beautiful, that’s what matters.
For those in long-term partnership, the key to getting on the same page with money is to explore the nuances of finances together.
Some questions you might ask each other are:
  • What did you grow up believing about money?
  • What does it feel like to be in an abundance mindset?
  • How does scarcity feel to you?
  • What are some of the triggers you have when it comes to money?
  • Can we support each other in ways that may feel like a stretch out of our comfort zones?

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