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Love Talks Orientation 2022 Recording

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Welcome to Love Talks!

Watch this video for an overview of Chuck Spezzano's Relationship Triangle.
This transpersonal relationship model has helped us immensely through the ups and downs of our own marraige. It has been a road-map for us to get through difficult situations and also celebrate the sweeter moments of marriage and parenting.
Dozens of couples we have worked with refer to this model when they need a re-set or are ready for the next pahse in love. We hope you find it hepful!
For those who are registered for Love Talks Couple Group 2022 but were unable to make it for the full 2hours of Orientation, please review this video by March 6. You will also need to login to your course materials and complete the pre-work for the Orientation and Week 1 before our first group session. Make sure you get it done early in the week so you have time to digest and discuss with your partner.

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