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CANCELLED - Empower Your Journey
Join Our Community for Personal Growth, Resilience, and Leading with Purpose!

Better Me for a Better World

A Conscious Leadership Event

Sandman Hotel Downtown Vancouver

180 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC

CANCELLED - Transformational Event in Vancouver, BC. November 2 - 5, 2023

Evolving Your Path Forward - Discover the Tools and Strategies for Impactful Service at Work, Home, and in Your Community



Avoid Overwhelm And Burnout

Practical techniques to maintain your energy and enthusiasm, ensuring you stay motivated and avoid the pitfalls of burnout that can hinder your path to personal growth and impactful service.


Inspire Through Your Actions

Use the transformative art of personal accountability and responsibility, empowering yourself to take charge of your life and inspire confidence in others.


Lead with Vision and Purpose

Harness the power of vision and purpose to evolve into the leader your family, community, and work needs.


Foster Rewarding Connections

Build genuine connections and support systems that not only nurture your well-being but also illuminate the path to a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.


Harness the Collective Power

Use the community to amplifiy your growth as you tap into the collective wisdom and inspiration, propelling you towards an expansive possibilities.


Unlock Self-Awareness

Use the incredible impact of self-awareness as you embark on a journey that not only unlocks your hidden potential but also empowers you to create a life of purpose, meaning, and personal growth.


This was a fantastic group and Dr. Saira and Faizan did an incredible job of making everyone feel safe, comfortable and at ease talking about what can sometimes be complex topics!


- Previous Participant, Vancouver, BC



Transformative Event Schedule

Our agenda is thoughtfully designed to offer an immersive journey into self-discovery, personal growth, and impactful leadership.

Better Me for a Better World Agenda


Unlock The Transformation Experience

$897 CAD

$497 CAD +GST

Dragonfly Members get an additional 25% off

Members can bring an additional guest at the member price


Dr Saira and Faizan are truly the most authentic people I know. We are working ALONGSIDE them, not just doing 'what they tell us'.


- L.K., Calgary, AB


After many years, we're thrilled to bring you a live event that promises to condense nearly a year's worth of transformative therapy into a single, life-changing weekend.


This event welcomes individuals ready to release their past, seasoned therapy-goers, personal growth enthusiasts, and avid readers of self-help books to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and transformation.


We harness the incredible strength of the group's shared experiences and inner wisdom to help you take that crucial first step towards healing and self-discovery. Through a dynamic blend of interactive & engaging teachings and hands-on activities like psychodrama and group discussions, we go beyond mere information-sharing. It's all about the powerful experience that can transform your life.


While participation is optional, being open and vulnerable in this safe space can be incredibly rewarding. It's a one-of-a-kind opportunity to interact with others who share your desire for personal growth and transformation, making it unlike any other experience in your regular life.



New perspectives and connections to issues I have been exploring on my own in therapy for many years...learning and supporting in a group adds depth and new layers to my understanding.


- N.S., Toronto, ON

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Doing this work with people you love can be liberating, and we have found that relationships deepen and strengthen when people attend a group together.

Confidentiality is the cornerstone of group work. People must know their stories will not be shared, and they won't be talked about in some other context. Our facilitators require an oath of confidentiality, either written or verbal, each time you attend a group session. While the facilitator cannot foresee or guarantee the actions of others, we do our best to ensure everyone in the group understands the value of privacy, anonymity, and confidentiality during group sessions. 
There are certain situations where, due to legal considerations, confidentiality will be waived. Your facilitator will discuss this with the group when you attend.


In groups, as in life, you will get out what you put in. If you come to the group sessions willing to learn and open to new ideas, you will enjoy the experience more than if you come with an agenda. Some people like to talk in groups and others don't, and you can always choose to pass. For our virtual groups, you can participate through the chat even if you don't want to speak out loud. All of our virtual groups (except Life Support) require a camera on to be able to get the feeling that we are all in a room together. For in-person groups, we encourage you to come as you are, without the internal walls and barriers we often have to put up in the name of fitting in. Be you! We encourage you to be "all-in" from the first group session you attend, as this will accelerate your personal growth and your connection to others in the group.

Personal growth work is an ongoing journey. You may learn something now that only really takes root and makes sense to you years later. It can also sometimes feel like you are getting worse before you get better, as many old demons can come to the surface on this journey of healing. 

Dragonfly Academy does not offer refunds on courses or memberships, as we deeply believe the people who decide to join us have been called to live larger lives, and we have something of profound value to offer, even if it isn't apparent immediately. You are paying for the time and knowledge of the many minds that went into developing and delivering this unique material. Requests for refunds come from a scarcity mindset and want to cultivate abundance and prosperity for all.

To be clear: please ensure you have asked all of your questions before paying your fees, as there will be no refunds.

If you are taking a Course or becoming a member of Dragonfly Academy, then no, you do not require any prior experience of therapy or personal growth work. We do ask that you keep an open mind and be willing to be surprised with what you learn about yourself.  We ask that you be willing to challenge your old way of looking at things and be open to new ideas. Most importantly, be coachable. 

For Workshops, we assume you have already done some of your own personal reflection, and that you are willing to take responsibilty for your own life and your choices. When attending these in-person or online workshops, we expect that you already understand that you make choices that impact your life and that while you may not be able to control what happens to you, you can always determine how you respond to it. We also expect you to be open to the group dynamic and being willing to learn from others, as "what's in the chair is in the room".

If you are applying to attend a Retreat (Dragonfly Members only), we require that you have a solid understanding of personal accountability, emotion regulation, and mirroring/judgment/projection. The Retreats are designed for people who have done the individual work and are ready for a deeper dive within a group context. We will not be covering basics during the in-person Retreat sessions, so if you are interested in joining us but do not feel ready yet, please take a few of our online courses and review the Dragonfly Academy materials first to develop an intellectual and emotional foundation.

It's simple - just take one of our classes, and you belong to Dragonfly Academy's learning community. No more membership fees - just chose the areas you'd like to learn about and dive in!

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