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Clinical Supervision

Entering the field as a new BIPOC therapist can be exciting, but also a little overwhelming without the right professional supports, especially when you are hoping to begin a private practice. Most therapists are not business people, but it takes a certain mindset to translate your new academic knowledge into creating meaningful work for yourself that can generate sufficient income. It can be a game-changer to access the guidance and experience of a more seasoned professional, but this connection often takes years to develop. Clinical group supervision is a way to efficiently formalize your connection to a successful and seasoned therapist, get professional oversight and support with your caseload, and connect with a group of other BIPOC therapists who are navigating the same path.

What is Clinical Group Supervision?

What do you need to know to run your own business? How do you attract and retain clients? What do you do if your files are subpoenaed? Who do you turn to when your client is in crisis? What should your website look like? How often should you be checking email? How do you support difficult clients? Where does your own cultural background, personal development, and spirutuality fit in to being a therapist?
There are thousands of questions new BIPOC therapists have to answer when they want to begin or super-charge their private practice. Unfortunately, when you graduate from your academic program, there is rarely direction or support in the practical elements of working as a private mental health professional, especially if you hope to with with faith and ethnic/cultural communities where mental health stigma is prevalent. Our solution to this inevitable hurdle is Clinical Group Supervision for BIPOC counsellors.

Supervision is a professional and ethical obligation in the field of mental health and has been developed to both protect the public and encourage professional growth and accountability. Your Clinical Supervisor guides your through clinical conundrums and professional blocks while supporting you to develop your unique therapeutic voice. Finding a qualified BIPOC Clinical Supervisor can feel like finding true love - we know we want it, but aren't always sure where to look! We have taken out the guesswork of finding a supervisor and provide you with best-in-class clinical supervision. There is also incredible power in a room full of minds that are working on a problem together. Joining our BIPOC Supervision group gives you an instant community of colleagues that is guided by a seasoned expert. 


Expertise to meet your needs

Dragonfly Wellness Centre is home to an eclectic lineup of mental health specialists. No matter the problems you are facing, you are likely to find a certified therapist or coach in our team who has trained specifically to help you. Our counselling and coaching support covers:

  • Addictions
  • Anxiety
  • Body Image
  • Career Problems
  • Couples Issues
  • Depression
  • Self-Esteem
  • Spirituality
  • Work-Life Balance
  • And More!  

Contact our mental health and wellness experts today to see how they can help you conquer your personal challenges!

The next steps...

Once you decide you want to join our community of therapists, you will simply register for the next group. You will be emailed a questionnaire to ensure you are a good fit with our group and also to ask any questions you have about the supervisor's theoretical training and approach, required prep work, and expectations of therapists during supervision meetings. A Supervision Agreement Form will be sent to you once you return the Questionnaire.

As part of our community, you will also be invited to the Annual Supervision Symposium where all therapists in our program come together for an online interactive workshop. 

In order to ensure each and every therapist is well-supported, we only take a very limited number of new therapists each year, and registration for supervision sessions is on a first come, first serve basis.


Those who join Dragonfly Wellness Centre become members of our family. Their pain is our sorrow, and their joy, our pride. The more you open up to us, the more you benefit from our shared experiences. Members of our community have found our services and support system nothing short of transformative. See what they have to say:

Unique values for a unique experience

Superior therapy sessions and workshops are not enough at Dragonfly Wellness Centre. Our mental health and wellness services consistently deliver an extraordinary experience thanks to these particular values:

  • Authenticity: Our members and experts do not hide behind masks, which facilitates genuine connections. 
  • Growth: We do more than mend your mental and emotional wounds; we equip you with the means to pursue your happiness and objectives by yourself. 
  • Pluralism: Our focus on the collective rather than the individual ensures that nobody is left behind during the healing process. 

Join our community or enroll in a course or a support group to experience the Dragonfly brand of mental health and wellness.

Take the Leap!

If you are a good therapist, you have been working on your own healing and evolution. You know that things show up in the right way at the right time when you are ready, and you know when something just feels right. If it feels right for you, join our community. You will be held in a caring network of like-minded professionals who know they can make a profound difference in the lives of others while growing professionally and personally. We have a special interest in suporting BIPOC therapists who are interested in the Transpersonal and Depth Psychology approaches (including Jungian, Family Systems, and Narrative). Take the leap and join us!


Dragonfly Wellness Centre’s wellness services are as broad as they are deep. We offer innovative courses and workshops, intimate support groups, invigorating one-on-one counselling and coaching, energy work and body therapies, and training and mentoring new practitioners.

All our offerings are led by hand-picked, accredited therapists, healers, and coaches who genuinely enjoy their work. Our experts deliver first-class sessions and content without compromising on humanity, empathy, and confidentiality.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have never worked with a Clinical Supervisor outside of your training program, you may have some questions about what you can expect.

  • Professional Mentorship: up to 60 minutes
  • Individual Clinical Supervision: 90 minutes
  • Clinical Group Supervision: 120 minutes


No. You do not have to currently belong to an association, but you do need to have appropriate education or training to qualify in your field of practice.

Clinical Supervision Candidates:

For a modest fee, we will support you with reference letters for applications to the professional counselling association in your province, or to the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA). If you are applying from the United States, please check with your professional organization if you are permitted to work with a supervisor outside your country.

For Canadian applicants, you can count your individual or group supervision hours towards qualifying as a Registered Counsellor.

While you are working towards registration, you will be held to the professional Code of Conduct of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA).


Professional Mentorship: $295 + GST (up to 60 mins)

Clinical Supervision - Individual: $175 + GST** (up to 90 mins)

Clinical Supervision - Group: $75 + GST** (up to 2 hours)

**NOTE: Clinical Supervision by a qualified therapist ranges from $175 - $250 CAD per hour. For a limited time, we have decided to support those new to the field by providing a high-quality, wrap-around supervision experience that is professionally recognized, expertly facilitated, and yet affordable.

What is Dragonfly Wellness Centre?

What is Dragonfly Wellness Centre?

Dragonfly Wellness Centre is a BC-based community of healing professionals united in overcoming emotional challenges, physical health issues, and promoting mental wellness. Led by seasoned clinical therapists, certified coaches, and best-in-class healers and practitioners, our services include courses and workshops on mental health, a vast array of welcoming support groups, effective, short-term couples coaching, one-on-one counselling, coaching, energy healing, massage and other body-based therapies, and clinical supervision for new practitioners looking to break into the field.  

Like the wings of a dragonfly that are constantly changing in colour to match the sun’s reflection, expect a life-changing experience every time you come to us.

The Dragonfly community awaits you

Joining our community means having access to first-rate therapists and coaches, hundreds of expert-vetted courses and workshops in our Dragonfly Resource Centre, and safe, judgment-free groups where you can bond with kindred individuals and heal together. See just how much we take your mental health seriously by filling out the contact form below.

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